The Laboratory – State-of-the-art.  To the minute detail

IMA Blood Bank laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment and each blood unit undergoes thorough, exacting tests to exclude any possibility of transfusion-transmitted diseases.   The fully automated TEK TIME, the lab’s latest in hi-tech array, screens blood samples for HIV, HBV, HCV and CMV.   It does sample dispensing to reading of micro plate after completion of the ELISA test.   This real marvel of equipment can handle up to 288 samples at a time, thereby significantly reducing test-time and eliminating human errors completely.In addition to routine tests, the lab is also equipped with QBC TESTING (Fluorescent Technique) facility for detecting Malarial Parasite.  IMA Blood Bank is the first centre in Kerala, and second in South India, to introduce the WESTERN BLOT TEST.

Minor/Rare group antigens

In addition to the major and popular antigens – A, B and D (Rh antigen), the red blood cells also contain certain “Minor” antigens which can interfere with the compatibility tests. These are frequently responsible for the transfusion reactions, especially in patients who have received multiple transfusions.   The IMA Blood Bank identifies these minor antigens, so as to increase the transfusion safety of the patients.

CD4/CD8 Cell Count

The T4 lymphocytes, called the “bank masters” of the immune system, are the target cells in HIV infection.   CD4 cell count is the specific blood test which can be used to predict susceptibility to opportunistic infections.   IMA Blood Bank is now fully equipped to do the CD4/CD8 tests.


Participates in external quality programme (EQAS) conducted by CMC Vellore for serology.
Participates in EQAS conducted by NACO for screening tests (HIV, HBsAg, HCV).
Conducts regularly internal quality control for the collected blood units.
Staff quality proficiency testing done.
Perform regularly internal and external QC for plasma


Periodic Sterility Testing

To assess the efficacy of the storage systems in the Blood Bank and to prevent transfusion reactions, periodic sterility testing of the blood products are performed.

COAGULATION STUDY CENTRE –  Most modern, in every way.

IMA Blood Bank has established Kerala’s first centre for the study of coagulation disorders.   The most modern photo-optical instrument from Belgium is used to perform various coagulation tests.   Initial evaluation is by the basic, complete blood picture, including platelet count, estimation of the prothrombin time, Activated Partial thromboplastin time and Thrombin time, and this is followed by the assay of the functional activity of one or more of the specific coagulation factors.


IMA Blood Bank, Cochin, is the first Blood Bank in the non-governmental sector to establish the blood component separation unit, in 1992.   At present this unit has 4 refrigerated Centrifuges, 6 deep freezers with temperature range of –40o C and 4 Blood Bank refrigerators. IMA Blood Bank now provides Erythrocyte concentrate, Fresh Frozen Plasma, Single Donor Plasma and Cryoprecipitate to about 200 hospitals spread all over Kerala and the adjoining states.


Preventing any chance of contamination during component separation and sealing of the blood bags is the Laminar Air Flow, which provides micro-filtered air to this section.


IMA Blood Bank is the first centre in Kerala to commission Platelet Agitator-cum-Incubator.  It maintains the functional efficiency of platelets up to 5 days after collection.


Started leucoreduction products by utilizing quadruple bags.


INCINERATOR – Advanced face of hygiene

Hygiene becomes the foremost aspect and is the need of the hour in any healthcare institution, especially blood banks.   Taking cue from this, IMA Blood Bank has taken care to ensure maximum hygiene.   It is the first among the Blood Banks in Kerala to install an electrically operated incinerator for safe disposal of unused blood products, infected blood units and other bio-hazardous waste created during the collection and processing of blood.

Counselling :

IMA Blood Bank is a recognized and referral centre for counselling
IMA Blood Bank is the founder member of CPK + ( council of positive people living with HIV / AIDS)



IMA Blood Bank achieved yet another distinction by becoming the first fully computerized blood bank -  a distinction achieved by networking all the different departments.   Thanks to this system, all the data related to donors and recipients, screening results, issues etc. are computerized for storage and reference, something quite essential for modern blood banking functions.

BLOOD MOBILE – Donor service to the Doorstep

IMA Blood Bank is the second in India to introduce the concept of Blood Mobile.   This air-conditioned van, commissioned in 1987, is fully equipped to collect blood from willing, voluntary donors from different places.  It acts as a major link between the blood bank and donors, spread over remote areas.

DEDICATED PERSONNEL – The core of success

Obviously, the success of any organization depends a lot on its work force.   The IMA Blood Bank’s trail-blazing growth is the result of the unflinching integrity, dedication, hard work and vision of the personnel involved with it.   IMA Bank offers 24 hours service.  It is managed by a team of 22 members, including 17 technicians and 2 full-time medical officers.

RECOGNITION – The natural outcome of excellence

In its efforts for realizing its goals, IMA Blood Bank has never failed to uphold its commitment to excellence.   Awards and recognition have come, naturally, boosting the spirit to do things better.  In 1993, the Central Government recognized IMA Blood Bank as the Regional Immuno Haematology Centre, National AIDS Control Organisation, under the ministry of Health & Family Welfare, has identified it as the only blood bank in private sector in India, to provide financial assistance for the upgradation of the component unit.   This is indeed a unique recognition for the outstanding performance of IMA Blood Bank. Something to take a lot of pride in.   But IMA Blood Bank never believes in resting on its laurels.   Because, there is still more to be done.

IMA Blood Bank, Cochin.   Facilities at a glance

v     24 Hour Blood Bank

v     Regional Centre for Haemophilia Care and Coagulation Studies –

uses the most modern photo optical instruments

v     Component Separation Unit – Supplies Red Cell Concentrate,

Platelet Concentrate, Buffy Coat, Fresh Frozen Plasma, Cryo Precipitate

v     Factor Assays – V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XII. 

v     Other tests – PT, APTT, TT

v     Centre for investigation for HIV

v     Hepatitis B, C & CMV

v     Malarial Parasite by QBC method

v     Western Blot Test Centre

v     Blood Mobile

v     Counselling Centre